• An approach to video grounded in strategy and purpose
  • Empathy for your situation and the problems you face
  • Strong sense of empathy and a great listener
  • Creativity and thinking outside the square
  • The skills to make you look your best

What is the difference between a good video and a GREAT video?

Story & Purpose

Otherwise known as content, messaging, or “what’s the impact that we want this video to have?”

What do you want people to feel after watching your video?


Cut the crap, stop trying to be perfect. You’re great as you are.

These days people are easily turned off by fake smiles and tedious business speak. A good video has humanity, is relatable for the humans it was designed to be shown


Don’t just start using video because you feel like you need to. We’ll figure out exactly what purpose it fulfills, what we aim to achieve, and what to do with the video content once it’s done. You can do a lot better than posting it on a random page on your website!

"I have utilised Andrew Taylor on a number of projects. You might think that you have everything you need for a great video in your pocket in the form of a smartphone, but what you are missing is what Andrew brings: Questions and crafting a story. He will start by asking you all about your business, it’s purpose and it’s value. You might wonder “why is he asking me these questions?” and then he’ll start building your story using video and you’ll realise why. It’s because a better understanding equals a better story equals a better video! I urge you to add video to your marketing, and I urge you to get Andrew to create it for you.”
Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing First

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