Armageddon, cosplay, dragons

My plans to spend another Saturday doing client work and tidying up my edit drive were thwarted by a trip to Armageddon with friends (and wanting to spend time with my fabulous girlfriend on our day off). So since I'm not really into the anime/manga/cosplay scene I thought I could make something of it. Actually I do like gaming but I'm patiently waiting for the next Red Dead game.

That morning I woke up to a notification from Peter McKinnon (famous Youtuber, look him up, he's great) and got inspired to create something that kinda-sorta-halfway emulates his as well as other Youtuber's styles.

So I shot what I saw, thought about how I would piece things together, and didn't allow myself any second takes*

*That's a lie, but the intention was there, most of this is all first takes. I pretty much always subscribe to having a second option/take, but it's a good challenge to think ahead and get usable stuff in one attempt.

Then I took it home and challenged myself to smash out an edit on the same day. And to use enough cool transitions to make you dizzy. With my regular video production work there's not often a place for a spin into a whip pan into an RGB split crash zoom, so it's good to get experience timing them well, for when the opportunity shows up.

Plus I remembered this hilarious quote from one my of favourite shows:

“Guy at the station says he’s never seen so many star wipes in a row. It’s never been done.”
-James McGill, Better Call Saul

Shot on my trusty Panasonic GH4 in CineD profile with -5 Sharpness and -5 NR

12-35mm f2.8 lens

Rigged on my hands

Edited and Graded in Adobe Premiere with Lumetri and Filmconvert

Hey look, I even took a screenshot of my settings if you want to have a go: