Video as a recruitment tool

Job advertisements are boring.

Yes, I guess there are some legal points you need to cover. The copy needs to be written so that you attract the right people, and deter the unsuitable. If you’re advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, having the right tool is crucial to getting the attention you’re looking for.

The best way to invite people to join your team is with a real human sharing their real experience. Here we have Alex, a midwife at Birthing Centre in Tauranga. She has a powerful reason for why she loves her career, and her story is relatable with other potential candidates. This is all Alex’s words, nothing is scripted.

I encourage clients wherever possible to avoid reading from scripts. Sometimes the strategy of the video will dictate when a scripted approach is required - but it’s so easy to lose authenticity. Scripts allow you to nail information but I think the information communicated is secondary to how you want the viewer to feel after watching.

I also ask people not to prepare answers. What you think I want to hear, is almost always not what I want to hear.

So in less than 60 seconds we build connection with another person, relate to her story, and it paints a picture of how people feel when they take a career at Birthing Centre.


To achieve this video we needed two things

  1. An authentic story

  2. Visuals that support that story

It started with a quick chat to determine the key points that we needed to get across. It became immediately apparent that a career with Birthing Centre allows Alex to fulfill the reason she wanted to be a midwife in the first place. After setting up a nice big softlight in a vacant room, we rolled the camera and dove into that, allowing Alex to share her passion for midwifery, as well as a few other areas that can give potential candidates the “I want to work here” feeling.

B-Roll (what we call the action shots alongside the interview) was fly-on-the-wall style filmmaking for about an hour. We filmed this whole video in a way to avoid too much disruption to Alex’s normal work day, and the whole thing took less than half a day.

Birthing Centre now has a great asset to use alongside any future recruitment efforts. And I learned a whole lot about something new, which I think any filmmaker, cameraman, videographer can relate to. Success!