Ko Tatou - This Is Us

This story was created to build awareness of the importance of how biosecurity affects how we go about our lives in New Zealand. Filmed, directed, and edited in Tauranga, in partnership with Clemenger BBDO

Go here to learn more about this affects you too: https://www.thisisus.nz/


Inspired Kindergartens

Part of a series for kindergartens under the Inspired Kindergartens brand, this short clip is used to bring parents (and the young ones) into the world of Greerton Village Kindergarten. An alternative short version is used in sponsored advertising on social media. Also a serious contender for the best music ever used in a promotional video!


Staff Testimonial - Birthing Centre

This short video was produced to become part of the recruitment process. The goal was to highlight the unique value proposition that Birthing Centre offers to midwives who take up a position with them.


Video Business Card:
Everfit Physiotherapy & Coaching

A video business card is the first marketing asset any business needs. They work for you 24/7, they build a connection and rapport before you meet, and you'll never have to explain your business ever again. This is not just any "company story" video - it is designed through a specific process to build a connection and drive results.

If you're looking for a physio or someone to help with your fitness goals, I can't recommend Brad enough. Get in touch with him here:


WASP - New product branding video

Short & sharp video to highlight key selling points for a new cycling product


Koha - The Culturally Cool Card Game

Koha is a card game for anyone who values increasing knowledge about where they live. This video was designed to share how the game works, and the purpose behind it.


Hair to Train - Short visual promo

Hair to Train is a training academy for a career in hairdressing in Tauranga. This video is used for running ads on Facebook and Instagram to attract new students.


Video Business Card:
Natural Assets - Tessa Mackenzie

The Video Business Card works for all businesses because it can quickly explain, and take customers into your world to show what working with you looks like. It breaks the ice and accelerates the working relationship. We go through a process to clarify your message, to avoid confusing your customers, or wasting time to explain what you do over and over again.

Get in touch with Tessa here: https://naturalassets.co.nz/


Barkes Corner Veterinary

...are a super cool team of people who love looking after animals. This video lives on their website and helps to build a strong relationship with their customers.



Tauranga International Marathon 2017

Our team of video dudes often head along to sporting events with our cameras and run round almost as much as the participants. These two videos were created for Total Sport and the Tauranga City Council to celebrate our area and people. They are giving excellent results in the current social media campaign for this year's upcoming event - https://www.marathontauranga.co.nz/


Kawerau Adventure Hub

Kawerau is a place that not many people know about, but if you're into the outdoors it has a lot to offer, which is what this marketing was produced to show. This was put together with new & old footage; making use of what already existed meant a quick and accessible outcome.


Tactile Astronomy - Startup Promo Video

Arturo Pelayo is creating a project to help vision impaired people learn about geography and astronomy, this video was a quick update of where they were at in November 2016

Additional shots by Emma Roll


Canvas - Tauranga Careers Expo 2018

The brief for this project was to capture what goes on at the expo to use in future marketing


Bar Keepers Friend TV Commercial

This TVC was created by a very small crew in Mount Maunganui for the NZ distributor of Bar Keepers Friend. We took a classic approach to this advert, going for a warm and familiar vibe. We even used one of the products during the shoot, it's good stuff.
Location sound by Alf Rose


Freelance camera operator in the Bay of Plenty

When I'm not producing kickass video content for businesses, I am also available for freelance camera/OPC/videographer work, based in Mount Maunganui - Tauranga and able to travel.
Email or call on 027 975 7676. My experience is in documentary, live broadcast/sports, studio, drama, event videography, and commercials.


Mount Maunganui - Mauao Basetrack

I live near a mountain, and this is the walking track around the base of that mountain