About Me

From Cameraman to problem solver

When I was 14, I went to an extreme sports show with my friend Rufus. Neither of us could skate, we went for the music and a day of joking around. There with the noisy punk bands and dusty haze, I saw a guy on the top of the half-pipe with a big TV camera. He swung it upside down over his head, as each rider flew into the sky, did a trick, and glided back down. His hair was long and the camera looked heavy. That’s the first time I thought “you can do that for a job?”

After film school I cut my teeth on a kid’s TV show, shooting stories around the country and having a great time doing it. After much more time in other areas of production, I came to a realisation. That there are people working hard in my community to make the world a better place, and I can use my skills to help them. That’s how I became a consultant, to help people reach their goals, and I use video to do it.

Video is the best tool any business can use. It can be a time saver, a social asset, or it can be an extra staff member who never needs to sleep. But to make a great video is more involved than showing up with a camera and sending you a bill. I need to have a good understanding of what makes your business special, and what will make this project amazing. To speak your message the right way, and connect with the audience that matters. This is why I tense up a bit when I hear the word “videographer”. That word doesn’t even scratch the surface of the power of video.

I also have a deck of talented freelancers to call upon – people focused on being great in their field. Sound recordists, voiceover artists, motion graphic artists, editors and I can put together a team custom fit to your project.

I’m also into playing drums, punk music, drinking green tea, and exploring strange places with a heavy backpack.